Custom Black and White 5' 10"

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BoardName: Black and White
Tail: Squash
Length: 5' 10"
Width: 18 3/8"
Thickness: 2 3/16"
Volume: 25.8
StringerWood: Bass
FinsSystem: Futures
FinsColor: White
LeashColor: White CI
Glassing_Layup: Ultra Light (4E+4E/4E)/Sand Only
ArtWorkType: AirBrush
Hex_Style_(Deck): 90s Hex OZ
Al_Stamp_(Deck): Al Stamp Black
Hex_Style_(Bottom): 90s Hex OZ
Al_Stamp_(Bottom): Al Stamp Black
W_Model_Logo: Model Logo Black_White
Tail_Hits: C6 Carbon Red