Future/Fins/Tech Flex AM2 5 Fin

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A popular template for the light footed large surfer. The large base with medium tip helps with powerful bottom turns and releasing the fins off the top. Try this laid back template in wrapping point breaks. Riding the quad rears instead of the center fin will add drive and hold.

Tech Flex Technology:
Techflex have a carbon fiber construction makeing them lighter than Honeycomb fins with the strength and responsiveness of Fiberglass.  They are perfect for powerful surfers or powerful waves.

Front Fins

Height:     4.73    in,        12.01    cm
Base:       4.64    in,        11.79    cm
Area:      15.98    sq in,    103.10    sq cm

Center Trailer

Height:     4.49    in,        11.40    cm
Base:       4.63    in,        11.79    cm
Area:      15.32    sq in,    98.84    sq cm

Quad Trailers

Height:     4.00    in,        10.16    cm
Base:       3.88    in,        9.86    cm
Area:      12.39    sq in,    79.94    sq cm