The Ecoboard Project

Channel Islands is part of The ECOBOARD Project so that surfers can custom order the same high-performance surfboards they expect from Channel Islands – but that are “verified” by nonprofit partner Sustainable Surf, to have much less of an environmental impact…especially on the world’s oceans.

So what is an ECOBOARD anyway?
Custom Channel Islands surfboards made according to the ECOBOARD Project Benchmark can have up to a 40% reduction in environmental impacts to the world’s oceans (if both recycled foam and bio-based resin are used) as measured by lifecycle CO2 emissions. Toxicity and VOC levels of these new materials is also now effectively zero, which also puts a smile on workers faces. In short, this aint Gramp’s old “eco” surfboard – heavy, yellow and low performance…
Sustainable surfboard materials have improved significantly in recent years, and are now up to today’s demanding surfer who wants a bright white, high-performance board - that also happens to be better for people, the planet, and our ocean playground.

Construction and Costing:
Entropy/Super Sap - plant-based, zero VOC epoxy resin (17% bio-carbon content) (+$125, same as standard epoxy pricing)

Available options & materials for your custom ECOBOARD include:
(Upcharges below are based off suggested retail on a PU construction board)
Marko recycled EPS foam (25% post-consumer recycled EPS) (included via request)
- Max length available 6’8”
- Max width available 21 ½”
- Max thickness available 2 ¾”

Order a Custom EcoBoard Online

You can make any board available to customize on the Channel Islands Surfboards website an EcoBoard by selecting one of the ECO options (in green) when selecting your blank.

Start building!

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For more information on the ECOBOARD Project, or their other innovative programs like Waste to Waves, please visit their website at

Watch CI team rider Dane Gudauskas make his own first ECOBOARD to take to Hawaii.

Watch CI team rider Alex Gray glass & tint his first ECOBOARD, and hear why it is important to him.